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We have been supplying material for teaching children since 1994.

Ready Made Theatre is owned by David Redston. Following a successful career working with musical theatre legends Elaine Page, Claire Moore, Michael Ball and Laura-Michelle Kelly, orchestrating for the London Symphony Orchestra, and working on feature films including 'Priest of Love' and 'Rambo: First Blood', he has spent the last 20 years working with kids, and building an experienced and dedicated team around him. This wealth of knowledge goes into every piece we produce.

Our focus has always been on solving your problems. For this reason, you will find that all our songs are in an appropriate key for the target students, that the lyrics are designed to be easy to learn and remember, and that the backing track contains very obvious audio 'cues' in the arrangement. When you download a song from us, you get everything you require - no need to spend hours cutting backing tracks and formatting lyric sheets!




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A one-act play set a few years in the future, "Dilemma" is the name of a 'last chance saloon' TV show for people whose marriage is on the rocks. Each week, a couple is chosen to spend a week in St Lucia to try and resolve their differences. But is what you are seeing on the latest hit 'reality' TV show actually what is happening, or is someone pulling the strings behind the scenes?


The Nativity

A 15-minute long comedy in two parts. It starts with the rehearsals for a primary school nativity play, which are not going particularly well... Part two is the actual performance, which does not go entirely to plan either! Originally written to be performed by children aged 6-12 [with two senior students or adults playing the teachers], it works equally well with older children pretending to be young.