A couple of years ago ‘authentic rock and roll band’ Joey & the Jivers played Showcall, Impressive last time, this was perhaps even better. Lead man Joey almost committed GBH on the keyboards in a way that Jerry Lee Lewis would have very much approved of. Seeing fine musicians in full flow, working up a sweat and putting everything into a set. "BANDS DON’T COME MUCH BETTER THAN THESE GUYS".


It was a full house with the wizards from the Isle of Wight, Joey and the Jivers who took to the stage to provide live music. They played two storming sets, opening with Flip Flop and Fly, with dancers crowding the floor. Rockin’ Daddy got the Jivers going in a blistering second set adding fuel to the fire. "NOBODY WANTED TO STOP, AND IT TOOK THREE ENCORES AND A STANDING OVATION".


Being the first act at the first session on the Monday is always a tough gig. That didn’t worry four-piece authentic band Joey & The Jivers as they livened up the room with some great rock’n’roll, their impressive frenetic piano vocalist even indulging in some Jerry Lee Lewis-style antics to Great Balls of Fire. The notes hit on both the keys and guitars were immaculate, "THE MUSICIANSHIP FAULTLESS".

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Twinwood Festival 2016 now currently SOLD OUT! You can catch Joey and the Jivers @ The Control Tower Stage on Saturday 18:30
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